Frequently asked questions

What does PEMF do?

It is an inflammation reduction device to improve circulation and reduce inflammation which can reduce pain in a drug free way.

How does it work?

It is a pulsed magnetic signal, when placed on the body you may see movement. The signal passes through the body up to 16" deep, through bone and muscle. When the signal runs into resistance in the body like inflammation the body twitches to show sensitivity in the body since the signal can't pass through as easily. This allows us to see which areas are more sensitive so we can focus a bit more on those areas.

What does PEMF stand for?

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy

Are there any side effects?

-People may feel worse before feeling better, not uncommon to feel sore, achy or get flu like symptoms while your body detoxifies. The Herxheimer reaction is a sign it is actually working but once your body detoxifies you will just feel improvement in yourself -Small animals may go to the washroom more, eat or drink more or sleep more -PEMF can not create issues but it does have the ability to bring issues that were already developing closer to the surface that would happen with time on its own, regardless of the treatment. The treatment just brings up the issue sooner to help itself heal quicker, for example it could bring out an abscess in a horse.

Can you diagnose what is wrong with my horse?

No, we are not a veterinary service so we can not cure any issues or diagnose them but we can notice areas of sensitivity

Is there any reason we shouldn't try a PEMF treatment?

If you have any of the following then PEMF is not for you... -pregnancy -pacemakers -any type of inplanted battery operated device -any active bleeding

How many treatments will I need?

It varies depending on the person/animal and what existing problems they have. Breed, age, lifestyle, diet, activity are all factors that go into how fast your body reacts. For an overall wellness treatment you're looking at 1-2 times a month. For an animal who has had arthritis for years you're looking at a few times a week in the beginning. Humans can be done up to 5 times a week Animals can be done daily if needed (2-4 times a week is most common for severe issues) so it really depends on the individual

How do you take payments?

Deposits are required when booking then the rest can be paid the day of your session. Cash, Etransfer and Square are all accepted.

What is your cancellation policy?

Deposits are required when booking and are non refundable. Appointment dates can be moved and deposit will be transfered but any cancellations within 24 hours will lose their deposit. Exceptions do include incidents such as bad weather conditions or sudden covid symptoms.